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Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas

Reader Comment:
A fantastic book!
By J. Partridge
I really loved this book. I read it in two nights — practically couldn’t put it down. Roundy is a pro in this genre. He really captures the heart of interpersonal interactions and relationships, and mixes in the right amount of suspense and adventure. And he takes a much needed and profound look at the real meaning and purpose of life. An excellent read! (And I’m excited that this story about Spencer is a trilogy!)


Spencer Cook is searching for the Meaning of Life, but time is running out. He is searching for love, and time is running out. He is frantically searching for a girl, lost somewhere out in a cold winter storm, and time is running out.

Lucky for him, courage changes everything.

Follow Spencer through a magical, whirlwind Christmas vacation full of adventure, romance, and intense personal growth. When you finish, your perspective of Life and Christmas will change forever.

Courage, Love and the Meaning of Christmas provides a complete guide to the Meaning of Life hidden between the lines of a magical, engaging, page-turning, thrilling novel packed with laugh-out-loud, cry-along, and shout-for-joy moments.

The original version of this popular holiday story (titled “Gone but not Forgotten”) spent two years in’s top 200 rankings and earned a reputation as an engaging and difficult-to-put-down book. Courage, Love and the Meaning of Life has climbed as high as #125 on Amazon’s Kindle ebook rankings.

You’ll also enjoy the sequel, The Perfect Gift, packed with more surprises, insights, and moments that will make you want to stand up and shout “Hooray!”

Click the “Click to Look Inside!” icon at to read the first few chapters and get a small taste of the engaging story and characters. From there, the plot grows deeper with every chapter.

You’ll also want to pick up the sequel, The Perfect Gift.

150 pages. Price: $11.79 Price reduced for 2011: $7.99 and worth every cent. Get free shipping on orders over $9.99. (Otherwise choose the Fall Special for $2 shipping).

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